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WoodFest is big on fun, short on funds

Remember when the waning days of summer meant stomping through mud puddles, catching fireflies, and running barefoot through the grass? Accompanied by the music of locusts, sparks and quiet harmonizing voices, we conquered our greatest fears around the campfire.

Unfortunately, screen-time threatens to rob today’s kids of these magical childhood memories.

That’s why we created WoodFest. Because at Symphony in the Flint Hills, we believe that iPhones and snapchat are no match for fireflies, singalongs and campfires.

WoodFest is a music-based weekend gathering that has been held at Camp Wood YMCA for the past six years. With the goal of creating free range music and fun, WoodFest gives kids and families an opportunity to create a new tradition of enjoying the outdoors together. Throughout the weekend, participants can choose from over 35 music workshops, 12 nature classes and six art courses taught by local professionals and Grammy Award-winning artists. This immersion in nature, art, music and camp activities is an experience that changes lives and gives families face time instead of screen time.

But we need your help. This year’s event is September 30 and time is running out to meet our fundraising goal. Can you help us raise $40,000? If you’d like to make a donation to WoodFest, please call Kelly at 620-273-8955.

Let’s reclaim childhood, in nature.