To every extent possible in an open pasture, Symphony in the Flint Hills makes accommodations for persons with disabilities.

Symphony in the Flint Hills is an outdoor festival, which takes place in a remote Flint Hills pasture. The venue is approximately 60 acres with great distances between various tents. Travel is over natural terrain of rocks, dirt and grass. If there should be rain, there will be mud.

Symphony in the Flint Hills does not provide personal care assistance, wheelchair push service or wheelchairs for rent.

Look for signs to indicate location of accessible parking spaces. The parking area is available to those who have a government-issued accessible parking tag, placard or plate. Parking will be on grass or gravel. Limited transportation is available from the ADA parking area to the Ticket Gate.

Designated lanes for entrance will be available at the Ticket Gate for persons with disabilities. Look for signage.

You may request an ADA wristband at the Ticket Gate. This wristband is to show volunteers that you are eligible for ADA transportation and seating.

A shuttle service will be available from the Ticket Gate to the concert site and vice versa. Once on-site, a shuttle service will be provided fromthe ADA Wait and Ride area to the Patron Tent and ADA seating at the concert site.

Accessible portable toilets are located in every cluster of portable toilets.

There will be a designated ADA seating area. Look for signage.

Service Animals
People with disabilities may bring a service animal if needed.

First Aid
A First Aid tent is located near the Ticket Gate and at the concert site.

Smoking is only allowed in the Smoking Tent. Please find a You Are Here map for location.

Please call Symphony in the Flint Hills, 620-273-8955, for questions or to make prior arrangements for services.

Terms & Conditions

In the event of cancellation the full amount of your patron packet becomes a donation.