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2015 Prairie Art Exhibit and Auction

Symphony in the Flint Hills, Inc. (SFH) announces its Call for Entry for its annual juried Prairie Art Exhibit and Auction. SFH is celebrating its 10th Anniversary with a theme of, “Grasslands of the World.” Artists are eligible to submit up to two (2) paintings each. Get the entry form.

Artwork Requirements:  Submitted two-dimensional paintings shall thematically or graphically reference the Flint Hills of Kansas.  Painting canvas should not exceed 36 inches in either dimension.  Paintings shall be framed or gallery-wrapped canvas with fully painted edges. Strap hangers with screws must be used to secure the wire hangers (no sawtooths, please).  Artwork must be current, created within the past two years.

A high-definition digital file of the original artwork, entry form and waiver must be submitted by January 31, 2015. Remember, this is the file from which your entry will be judged. Artists will be contacted and provided additional instructions by February 28, 2015 if their artwork is accepted.

Pricing:  All artwork selected for the event will be eligible for auction.  Artists are requested to set a retail reserve price; this will be the starting price for the Silent Auction.  The artist will receive half (50%) of the total auctioned price, if sold, the remaining half (50%) is to be considered a donation to the SFH.

Right to Reproduce Image for Purpose or Promotion, Resale and Publicity:  SFH reserves the right to reproduce images for the purpose of publicity and promotion in the form of posters, greeting cards, informational handouts, etc.  One piece of artwork will be selected as the official SFH 2015 Limited Edition Commemorative Print.  By submitting artwork to this exhibition, each artist agrees to this statement.  Each artist retains the right to print reproductions of their own work at their cost and to the proceeds from these prints.

SFH Concert Tickets:  Each artist with selected entry/s is offered one free general admission ticket to SFH, with the option to purchase one additional general admission ticket at full value.  If you accept this offer, you will be required to work at least one hour in the Prairie Art tent hosting the displayed artwork.  Schedule to be determined.

Liability and Responsibilities:  Artist retains liability for accepted artwork.  SFH assumes no liability for the artwork submitted whether in transit or during its housing.  By submitting artwork to this event, each artist agrees to this statement.

Questions:  Contact Louise Carlin, Symphony in the Flint Hills, Inc., Merchandise/Art Manager at 620-273-8955 or email louise@symphonyintheflinthills.org

Get the entry form.