Symphony in the Flint Hills

Our Mission

Heighten appreciation and knowledge of the Flint Hills tallgrass prairie.

Our signature event

Our annual showcase of the region’s heritage and beauty.

Signature Event

Global Impact

Our Field Journal, now in its 11th Edition, is a Flint Hills resource whose articles on topics from night skies to prairie chickens have been downloaded by thousands of researchers worldwide. Browse past editions or search our online database at New Prairie Press. Or buy hard copies at our Flint Hills Store.



WoodFest is a music-based family event sponsored by Symphony in the Flint Hills and held at Camp Wood YMCA each fall where nationally known musicians teach players of all ages, instruments, and experience in dozens of workshops. Non-players are encouraged to pick up an instrument and try it themselves. Outside in the Flint Hills that surround camp, families can experience the natural beauty through nature walks, horseback riding and art classes. Highlights include a Saturday evening concert featuring award-winning musicians and the WoodFest Symphonia. Join us for a weekend full of music, nature and fun!